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Tools and Practices for Intercultural Pedagogy

Developing English Communicative Competence through Art (EU project)

The EU: a free cultural exchange area (EU project)

Erasmus Europe on Scene Network (EU project) Handbook of Erasmus Scene Methodology and Management (process, activity and tools)

Teaching in Diversity (EU project)

Handbook about how to teach diversity in school with tools and practices

Class modules about diversity topics with PPT presentations

Online training modules about diversity topics such as discrimination, minorities, religions, hate speeches, etc.

Intercultural Competences in Vocational Training. Transnational Strategic Partnership (EU project)

Mutual Open and Online Skills (EU project)

Schools cooperation on common curriculum

Intercultural learning for teachers and pupils

Train the Teachers’ Intercultural tools categorized for competences or for categories

Intercultural Competences for Healthcare Professionals (EU project)

Training needs analysis

Online forum as tool for training needs analysis

Intercultural Healthcare curriculum

Intercultural Healthcare Training App mobile

IIntercultural Healthcare recommendations and policies

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Online modules, which include a pre-test assessment, have limited access

Common curriculum – 3 language skill levels

Training program units with modules and exercises

Intercultural guidelines

Contrast American Method: Developed by Stewart et al. (1966), it consists of videotaping intercultural interactions which are proposed to students in class. Students are requested to analyze behavioral and values differences, and to suggest how to interact more effective. For more info:

Crossing Borders: This is a 56-minutes documentary created by Arnd Wächter in 2016 which show a short study abroad experience. Characters are students involved in the experience and that participated to the experience knowing that they would be video recorded during the all two weeks abroad intensive experience. It shows students expectation, their challenges and intercultural learning. For more info:

A World of difference: working successfully across cultures. This is a 43-minutes didactical movie created by WorldWork. It reproduces a critical incident situation of an international team of managers who are getting and trying to work together for the first time for launching a new corporate’s project. It is based on cross-cultural dimensions model and on International Profile Index to assess and develop intercultural skills. It includes teaching notes to help facilitators to use this video as didactical tool. For more info:

The New Math of Multicultural Workgroups: Video produced by JAMK University during an intercultural communication course involving students to write the script, as actors and in the video-editing. The video reproduces a critical incident involving teacher and international students in a multicultural teamworking project. Teaching notes to for facilitators and teaching notes are also included. For more info:

The Case for Global Leadership: the Kai Bendix story. It is a 43-minutes didactical movie created by WorldWork. It reproduces a cricital incident situation of a German manager expatriating in India, after a previous international experience in Bulgaria, who has to face a local branch problem regarding bribery. It shows a cultural perspective about bribery and managing people across countries, and a Global Sustainable Leadership model. For more info:

Ni Hao Holland: It is a 25-minutes documentary developed by Copper Views, which include a training package on Chinese tourism in The Netherlands, written for Academic institutes and Universities of Applied Sciences. For more info:

Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio: A 93-minutes documentary produced by Agostino Ferrante (2006) which talks about how this orchestra was born led by him and Mario Tronco, in order to save the Apollo Cinema in Rome. The documentary shows the selection process of its members, the majority of which foreigners, musician for profession but most of the time for passion. There are also few Italians in the band. The intercultural difficulties this multicultural band faced in order to playing together were not few. For more info:

Crossing the borders line: A 34-minutes documentary produced by Sabrina Onana (2019), the aim of which was to correct the distorted vision that contemporary Italy has of its own Afro-descendant children and hopes to establish a healthier and more constructive space of dialogue regarding 'identity' issues. Through testimonies it challenges the existing idea of 'italianity' and ask to rethink the sense of belonging to a national identity, redefining the traditional geographical and political boundaries, as contemporary Italy now has another face, which also looks like them. For more info: